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Reservation Form
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This completed form and deposit will solidify your place in line to receive your coodo and reserve your space for a site visit our manufacturing facility in Colorado. Deliveries begin in Spring. First come, first serve.

The Sale price includes: coodo moon unit (including kitchen and bathroom), packing coodo and loading onto delivery truck at factory. Prices subject to change, and buyers will be notified of subsequent price increases or decreases.

The Sale price does NOT include: furniture for unit, transport from factory to site, site prep of any kind, installation of unit at site, utility connections or hookup, building permits, design/permitting fees, or applicable taxes.


  • One time deposit: $1,000 USD each unit (non-refundable) due at time of signing.
  • Remainder of 10% of the purchase price (non-refundable), will be due upon customer receipt of production schedule and completion of formal sales agreement.
  • 30% of the price, at the start of the manufacturing by the Licensed Manufacturer;
  • 30% of the price, at either one month after signing of the Sales Agreement or halfway of production, whichever is later; 30% of the price, upon completion.
  • BSM shall issue an invoice to the Customer at least 7 working days before the due date of payment.

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