Minimalist luxury living in a spaciously sustainable house

KODA is a house that has all the necessities for living, addresses the global contrast between the growing population and the growth of the average Western living unit.

Tackling premium affordability by fitting into the cracks of the system in unused urban spaces, meanwhile use unlocks the best sites.


Elegant mini KODA houses create a prime quality mixture of homes, hotels, offices, shops, cafes, studios and service shops, and a community area in a snap.


A movable home

Loft Micro

Taking tiny living to a whole new level

Loft Extended

movable home with extra space

Built around the user

Making the most of space, a small and comfortable apartment has functionally been fitted on almost 26sqm The house feels twice as big from the inside. With its luminous atmosphere and high ceiling, KODA lifts your mind and soul.

Deliver one day – move in the next

Your house(s) will be delivered with a trailer in one piece. Installation takes less than a day.

The site preparation is minimal. All a KODA needs is ground with leveled footing, access with a crane, and connection points for water, sewage, and electricity.

Lifting and shifting are done by Kodasema, an authorized partner or local contractor. One day for installation – pack the toothbrush and move in.


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